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Ha! Love the whale thing. Great post, Joe. Dave and I went walking tonight. Saw the ocean, the sunset, bunnies, birds, deer... this world is most definately a work of art and no accident.


When we sent our ten year old son to public school this year for the first time, we were worried about the teaching of evolution. He had never heard anything close to that theory before. After sharing my concerns about what he would be taught with a friend at church, he told me "We were taught the same thing in school and somehow we still made it here."

Trying to prepare him, my wife and I told our son that many people believe we came from monkeys. He laughed. He thought it was crazy. He could not understand how anyone could believe that.

Since he has been in school he has told us that his teacher has already shared her belief of evolution. We are waiting to see how he deals with learning from a good teacher (and she is) that is not saved and does not have the truth. Maybe he can teach her something. We will see.


Well I'll be a monkeys uncle!!!


OK...So I'm not a monkeys uncle. Thank God!(literally) My son and I like to "monkey" around and he loves to climb so I can see the similarites. Surely we won't see anything like "Planet of the Apes" here on earth. Good thing- that show freaked me out!!

Jeff Eilenberger

Thanks for the great post Joe, that missing link is still missing; something tells me it's gonna' stay missing ... forever. Thank you Lord for Your Holy Spirit ... and opposable thumbs.

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