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Kathleen_mcgowan_the_expected_one Kathleen McGowan, the great, great, great grand-daughter - so she claims - of Mary Magdalene gets her book published by Simon and Schuster on Tuesday, July 26th.

She never really knew that she was a descendant of Jesus Christ until she was in the city of Jerusalem in 1997. While there, she had a vision of Mary Magdalene and later she learned that she had French blood in her lineage.  So....   put the two together and walla! you get a descendant of the Holy Grail.

The most amazing thing about the whole story is that all this happened before the DaVinci Code came out. Wow!

The book isn't about her ancestry, it's a novel. The cover of her book, has displayed prominently on the front, "A Novel." The DaVinci Code had the same. And that's only where the similarities begin.  In this story a scroll written by Mary Magdalene herself is found and then the fun begins.

The book - a novel - written by Mary Magdalene's descendant has murder, intrigue, religious backgrounds, architecture, history.. Wait a minute!!!  Are you sure this is not the DaVinci Code?  Yawn!!!

You can read a portion of the book here.   

I'm not a prophet, but I'm going to make a guess and say this book will not have anywhere near the success that DaVinci had.  The story line is getting old.

Beginning in September look for her on CNN, Inside Edition and Good Morning America. Kathleen will be on the road this summer promoting her new book.  If she is near you, go pay her a visit and pray for her.

How come everybody gets all excited about these strange books about Jesus, but they don't get very excited about Jesus?  I think it's because the heart is designed by God to be drawn to Jesus. But Jesus bids us to come and bow, to come to worship. Humbling ourselves and surrendering ourselves doesn't come easy. So we prefer a Jesus we can control , rather than the real Jesus, who is King of kings and Lord of lords for ever. And ever!

The picture above was taken by Mary Ann Halpin for Simon and Schuster.



Ha! I just realized this was posted back in July with no comments ... so apparently we're either smartening up or becoming ridiculously bored with all the silly claims regarding extra or non-biblical claims regarding Jesus and His life. (I choose the latter personally; sure, hype is fun, but well ... pop culture changes like the wind. There will be something new for me to roll my eyes at soon enough, I'm sure!) But as the Word says in Romans 8:28 "And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God ..." I think it's that innate desire and longing for God that brings about skeptism even among those who have yet to know Him, but know the difference in what is truly ridiculous, and in the Truth they try so hard to ignore.

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