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Arab_world_1 A lot of people seem to think that Muslims and Arabs are the same.  It simply isn't true.  While many, some would say most, Arabs are Muslims, not all Muslims are Arabs.  The largest Muslim nation is Indonesia.  Click here to see a map of the largest Muslim nations in the world. Following Indonesia, the next two largest Muslim nations are Pakistan and India.

What makes an Arab nation?   It's a little more complicated than it sounds, but the short answer (not the perfect one) is the nations that speak Arabic, or some dialect of Arabic comprise the Arab nations. It's a little more complicated than that, but not much.

There is a reason that many people believe that all Arabs are Muslims going back to Ishmael in the Bible, Genesis 16.  Ishmael was a son of Abraham, but not the son that all the promises to Abraham in HGenesis 12:1-3 would come through. But he was blessed nevertheless and was told he too, would be a father of nations.  It appears that Ishmael became the father of the roaming desert tribes.  These people were amazing in their ability to have flocks in the middle of the desert. They were industrious, innovative and sophisticated. Today it is quite plausible that all the roaming desert folks (or those formerly roaming) were the descendants of Ishmael, including those on the Arabian peninsular. When Mohammad started Islam on the peninsular, Ishmael was said to be the son of promise for the Arabic people and that the promises of God were theirs. Hence the association that Islam or Muslim people are all Arabs. Not so.  Arabs speak Arabic.  Arabic is the official language of Lebanon, but there are many Christians there.  Arabic Christians.  (Chirsitians that speak Arabic.)

Picturebethlehem_bible_school_1 Many people are quite surprised to discover that there are many Arab Christians, including those associated with Bethlehem Bible College in the heart of "Palestine."  The Arab church in the world has its origins recorded for us in the Book of Acts. Arabs came to know Christ on the day of Pentecost.  To discover some Arabic Christian churches click here.  It has not always been easy for the Arabic churches around the world.  To read about the struggles of the Christian church in Arabic nations aand for resources to better understand the Arabic chrch click herePray for the Arab world and the Christians (and Muslims) that live there.


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