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Alice Cooper, Born-Again Shock Rock

Alice_cooperAlice Cooper, one of the original shock rock artists has been born again for quite some time.  You can read his story in two parts here: Part One Part Two.  Alice Cooper's father was a pastor and his grandfather was an evangelist.  He has been attending a local church in Arizona for several years. 

Since his conversion to Christ, he continues to perform his shock rock / fright rock concerts. His daughter has been known to appear with him in some of his on-stage stunts.

When he's not on the road, Cooper has been busy raising his family, staying faithful to his wife of thirty years (his says he has always been faithful - good for him!) running a small restaurant chain and starting Christian ministries.  !5 years ago he started the Solid Rock Foundation, which is run by one of his good friends and an elder, Chuck Savalle, from his church.

The most recent project of the Solid Rock Foundation is to build a 3 million dollar arts center designed to help young stay off the streets and to come to Christ.

God continues to work in people's lives, leading folks to himself. What a great encouragement to hear of folks like Alice Cooper committing their lives to Christ, living for Him and finding ways to use their lives to reach out to others.


Diane Sousa

Very Interesting! Just can't understand how his parents could name him Alice....or what is his real name?


Alice Cooper was born Vincent Damon Furnier. He legally changed his name to Alice Cooper in 1972.

joe paskewich

He changed it legally? How come?


According to, "Alice Cooper" was originally the name of Furnier's band; he legally changed his own name to Alice Cooper for a successful solo career.

Diane Sousa

The world of celebrities is just plain strange.But praise God, Alice Cooper is following the same Jesus I am!( I bet his wife calls him Vinny)

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