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Second_chance_video_coverI did it.  I rented a Christian movie at Blockbuster.  Second Chance was the name of the movie. As a pastor, you would think that I would be renting exclusively Christian movies, but the fact is, I stay away from Christian movies. I mean what person wants to say, "My pastor doesn't like Christian movies?!?"  But honestly, I seldom find them to be either interesting, entertaining or done well.  Some people will probably think that's an unfair slam, but that's the way I feel.  I don't know why Christians don't do film well, but it is a genre they just don't seem that good at.  Having said that, the truth is that is other areas in the arts Christians have been out on the front throughout all of history. They just have never hit the groove when it comes to film-making.

OK, confessions and bias first.  Having grown up in a television generation, I don't watch much television.  Never have.  At least not any of the weekly shows.  I've never seen Survivor, saw part of American Idol once.  I do like the guys that build the choppers and the bounty hunters.  Pretty deep stuff, huh? I do watch news, but not usually news specials and I'm not much for documentaries either.  I'm just sort of a news hound.  But  I DO like pop-culture. I sound like a schizophrenic, tortured individual don't I?

I do however watch movies.  Movies generally have story lines and have some 'point of crisis' where individuals need to make some kind of decisions good or bad.  The tension of their decision making is what makes for good stories and good film-making.  Of course acting, production, filming, lights, sets, costumes, writing all are important for good films as well. 

Then there are those 'films' that are not 'films' at all, but are all bang them up, smash them up, pure entertainment. I tend to like those as well.  But "Christian films?' Whew!  I've had a hard time with them!   

But  I did I rent "Second Chance" at Blockbuster. For three reasons. (1) I could rent it for a dollar.  That should have alerted me, but it tempted me.  (2) I was trying to find something the whole family could watch. Not enjoy, just something to watch. (3) Steve Taylor, who I have had quite a bit of respect for was involved in the project. That was another reason I wanted to stay away from it. I didn't want to lose artistic respect for the artist who did a song called, 'I Want to Be Clone' where he parodied stereo-typical Christian lifestyle. 

Michael W. Smith was in the movie, which was a real emotional battle for me as well.  I just couldn't imagine him as an actor.  Although as a human and a Christian I've had great respect for him...

Guess what?  I really liked it!  Rent it. I won't ruin it by telling the plot or story line. I think you'll like it as well!


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