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Decemberadio @ Calvary Chapel

DecemberradioDecemberadio has been getting some great mainstream press and a lot of airplay on Christian stations across the country. Billboard and MSN called them one of the indie bands to watch in 2006.

They will be with us @ Calvary Chapel for our 9:30 & 11:15 services on Sunday morning, August 20th.  They will not be performing at the 8:00 service. They ARE rock musicians, that's a little early for them!!

Tom Miyashiro will be sharing the message that morning. It should be a great time of worship and encouragement. Be sure and bring a friend!

To hear decemberadio click here The music will automatically start.

To read what MSNBC said about them click here

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Great show ... these guys are smokin' hot for Him and His Word ... great job to the one that booked them at Calvary

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