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Mel Gibson's Anti-Jewish Rant

Mel_gibsonWhen Mel Gibson got stopped the other day in Malibu for driving under the influence, he went through a rant against the police, the arresting officer and Jewish people. Since the rant is full of expletives and profanity, I chose not to link to it, but suffice it to say, it was pretty rough.  Among other things Gibson blamed the Jews for all the wars in the world.  To his credit, Mel Gibson offered an apology to the Jewish Community and asked them to help him in his process of rehabilitation as he tries to figure out what is going on inside of him.  I'll give him points for that one. Admitting you're wrong and asking for forgiveness (no less publicly) is hard for most people. 

Was his apology sincere? Should it be accepted? Was it simply written by a publicist?  Only Mel knows the answers to these questions, but somebody just send me this on apologies from Gary Chapman.  Mel's apology seems to touch each of these areas.  Hollywood is threatening to end it for Mel. The apology seems (to me) sincere enough to help him move forward.

The Five Languages of Apology

1. I am able to accept an apology from someone who expresses regret simply by saying, “I’m sorry.”

2. When I am offered an apology, I long to hear the words “I was wrong.”

3. I find an apology most sincere when the person who has wronged me takes action to make it right.

4. I find an apology most sincere when followed by a promise to change, with the offending person saying, “I’ll try not to do that again.”

5. I find an apology most sincere when the other party places great importance on asking for my forgiveness.

Unfortunately for Gibson, this wasn't the first time that accusations of "anti-semitism" came up in his career. Or his first DUI incident.

Hutton Gibson, Mel's father, who is also a member of the breakaway Roman Catholic sect that Mel Gibson is part of, speaking of the Holocaust said in a radio interview on WSNR, one week before the release of the Passion, "It's all -- maybe not all fiction -- but most of it is," he said, adding that the gas chambers and crematoria at camps like Auschwitz would not have been capable of exterminating so many people.  "Do you know what it takes to get rid of a dead body? To cremate it?" he said. "It takes a litre of petrol and 20 minutes. Now, six million of them? They (the Germans) did not have the gas to do it. That's why they lost the war."   This wasn't the first time his dad made similar remarks, so although this might be only one interview, there are others that are close to the same in content.

Just because Mel's father has an anti-semitic strain, it does not stand to reason that his son follows the same belief structure.  A short time after his dad's remarks Diane Sawyer asked Mel Gibson about them and he said talking about his dad was off limits. I respect that about a son, but it didn't help to clear up the confusion. When he was asked by Peggy Noonan in Reader's Digest if he believed the Holocaust happens, he agreed it did, but gave some qualifiers.

Gibson does draw a hard line. His breakaway sect of Roman Catholicism is quite strict and what some consider at least a little narrow.  It is narrow enough for Gibson to consider that his wife cannot be saved if she is not a member of it.  But thre is no indication that the group is anti-semitic.

The fear that Gibson's film "The Passion of the Christ" would once again inflame anti-semitism as a blacklash was not necessarily unfounded.  The church has a long history (some of which is listed here) of anti-semiticism.  The fear was that the movie was pointing to the Jews as the ones that killed Jesus.

Did the Jews kill Jesus?  No.  Was it the Romans then?  No.  It was God that sent His Son to die for our sins. John 3:16  "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life."  It was all of us that killed Jesus.  He died for our sins on the cross. Everyone that has ever walked the earth is guilty. Except Jesus. He was God in the flesh, who came to give us eternal life.  To learn how to receive eternal life through Jesus, click here.

When the Bible says God so loved the 'world' it means all people. All nations, all people, all ethnic groups. The pithy little saying is true, "Jesus loves me this I know for the Bible tells me so!"

Let's pray for Mel Gibson.  Everybody has some strain of weirdness, weakness or prejudice they've picked up over the years. But thankfully, people have an uncanny ability to change, especially when seeking God's help.  People also have long memories.  Mel is asking for a another chance. I think we should give it to him.



David N Allen

When Mel meets with Jewish community leaders for help I hope he brings his dad!

Diane Sousa

Read Cal Thomas article dated 8/4/06. What was he doing out at 2 am? As a husband and father he has a family he had to face the next day. Wonder what that was like. Probably not unlike how we fail those closest to us too. But on the other side of it, and Cal's article is about that, is how Hollywood's focus is on Mel's anti-Jewish remarks.

elaine b

I agree Mel needs prayer.Relapse can happen to any of us.

joe paskewich

James Dobson has come out in support of Mel

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