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Decemberadio @ Calvary Chapel

Tom Miyashiro is Schizophrenic

Schizophrenic_coverThat's the title of the book Tom Miyashiro wrote, which is essentially his story.  He describes the title of the book as coming from "the two faced nature that Christians are inevitably plagued with - the desire to do right whilst falling to the sin nature every time we are challenged by our flesh." 

It's the story of a young angry teenager, his struggles, his being put in a mental ward to meeting Jesus head on and the transformation that brings to our lives.

Tom_miyashiro Tom is the director of Evangelism and Communications for F2FMI: "Faith 2 Faith Ministries International." To check out his bio click here.  Tom has been working with Luis Palau's Next Generation leadership team.

Join us and bring a friend @ Calvary Chapel, Sunday morning, August 20 as Tom shares his story and the story that can change you life.  Special musical guest will be decemberadio, of who mainstram media called one of the "bands to watch in 2006."


Jeff Eilenberger

Tom was awesome ... He's on fire and is much cooler than he gives himself credit for ... Good job to the person that invited him to speak, I'll welcome him back any time.

Jeff Eilenberger

Tom is awesome ... Thanks much for arranging to have him speak, he is on fire and welcome back anytime.

janet rubin

I'm in Indiana. So sorry I missed such a fun Calvary morning!!! Will need to get a CD. My sister's church here in IN has a new building with a cool coffee bar that has monitors for watching the service. I took pics to show you:)

joe paskewich

Hey, I wasn't there either. I was speaking at a church in Massachusetts. Sounds like I missed all the fun! How was the band?

Eddie Duke

The Book is great. Keep it up Man. Email me i Havent talked to you in a while.

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