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Was Elvis Presley a Christian?


Was Elvis Presley a Christian? 

It has been 29 years since Elvis left the building on August 16, 1977.  To read the report as it was published in the Washington Post click here.

I discovered the music of Elvis late, but I'm pretty convinced the rock and roll era really began with him.  He wasn't the first in the genre, but it never would have gone where it did if it wasn't for Elvis. Growing up I saw a few of his movies, although he never caught my attention until I saw a special on the dance moves of Michael Jackson.  The entire special was in black and white and showed Jackson's moves from the waist down.  They showed a comparison of Michael Jackson's dance moves and then showed Elvis.  Michael took a LOAD of his moves DIRECTLY from Elvis.  The bent leg move was a direct copy from Elvis. Jackson also took moves from James Brown, Sammy Davis Jr., Fred Astaire and other famous dancers.  Hardly any of his moves were original, including the 'moonwalk' which he copied from Sammy Davis.

Elvis knew that God was God and he wasn't.  'He didn't like being called 'The King', says Ray Walker of the Gospel group The Jordanaires that backed Elvis up on many of his hit songs. "The 'king of rock 'n' roll' was one thing, but not 'The King'." He said one time, 'There's only one king, and that's Jesus Christ.'  He'd be appalled by the Church of Elvis. He knew who he was. He wasn't fooled."  (click here to listen the Jordanaires singing Gospel.)

There are other accounts from the colleagues of Elvis where he would say, "Im not the king, Jesus Christ is the king."  He also said it in Vegas.

Elvis has a step brother that became a Christian and he reports that Elvis believed in Jesus.  His step brother, David Stanley said, "Elvis read a lot of books, The Impersonal Life, the Shroud of Turin, endless, but he always went back to the Bible."

Elvis had another step-brother, Rick Stanley, who today is a Baptist Evangelist that has spoken in over 4,000 churches. Rick Stanley has written a book, Caught in the Trap where he highlights many of the spiritual events and struggles in Elvis' life.  Stanley recalls when Elvis was in Las Vegas, he asked Evangelist Rex Humbard and his wife to be backstage with him. Elvis dedicated "How Great Thou Art" to Humbard that night.  It was then that Elvis knelt down to pray with Humbard and recommitted his life to Christ.  Elvis was talking about Jesus being the Truth the night before he died. It was Rex Humbard that conducted Elvis' funeral.

David Stanley says that fame caused Elvis to be conflicted about just everything in life. "I would sit down on his bed and watch him open the Bible and cry his eyes out 'God give me strength!' One day he's taking a handful of drugs, next day he's praying for forgiveness."

Elvis' childhood friend, Becky Martin, said that Elvis always wanted to be a preacher. She says that in the 70s Elvis told her, "Becky, just think what I could have done if I had become a preacher! Just think of the good I could have done for the Lord!"

Elvis struggled for sure. He loved doing Gospel music, but he struggled his whole life to connect the two worlds without success.

The great thing is those of us who are believers will see Elvis again. If you missed how great he was in this life, you can meet him in the next.  At least that's what his minister step-brothers tell us. But between now and then get some of his real early stuff and you'll see that he truly is one of the originators of roll and roll!

When David Stanley said Elvis was "going back to the Bible" he meant it.  Elvis grew up in the Pentecostal church, in the Assemblies of God. He loved the music and went to many Gospel conventions.  All his life he would keep "coming back to the Bible."



Lets invite Rick Stanley to our church.
Also, concerning Gibson, the world lives in a glass house and they're the biggest stone throwers.


For what its worth, I think Elvis was saved indeed. Romans 10:13, I`m sure he did many many times. Also, it sounds like he had the struggles Paul mentions in Romans most human beings. Grace, what a wonderful...King... and Saviour we have in Jesus! Amen

Jeff Eilenberger

Well done Joe, this is a great Blog. I have to agree, I truly believe that Elvis was Saved and made it home. We all struggle with the flesh and I'm fairly confident that Elvis, like me, was being 'bothered' by The Holy Spirit even during his bouts with carnality ... Amen to Grace, free indeed, free indeed, thank you Lord we're free indeed.


dear joe;
thank you, thank you very much!!! another great blog to ponder!

Kelly Ivins

Interesting post, Joe. I think Elvis was, indeed, a Believer. I believe he struggled with addictions and weaknesses, but that ultimately he had the same Hope we have in Jesus Christ. Grace - Pour it down upon ALL of us, Lord! None of us is without need of God's Grace. Interesting note on Elvis: He was a twinless twin, like my daughter. His twin brother was stillborn which is what probably lead to his incredibly close relationship with his mother. Be blessed.


Awesome post. We all struggle and stumble but praise the Lord he is there with an outstretched hand!!

joe paskewich

I have a friend that told me he just read a Johnny Cash autobiography. Cash and Elvis interfaced and had many things in common, including their relationship with and the struggle of their relationship with Christ. Both had similar 'addictive' personalities. He said he thought Cash fared well, because he lived longer. The June Carter family definitely had a role to play in Cash getting squared away as well. There's nothing like having good loving people around you!

joe paskewich

I didn't know that about Elvis and his twin.


An interesting blurb from, regarding Elvis and his stillborn twin:

"His twin brother, Jesse Garon Presley, was stillborn, so Elvis grew up as an only child. As an infant, he was undoubtably affected by his mother's emotional state after having lost one child. Growing up, he was affected by his guilt at surviving when his brother did not, even blaming himself for the death. He felt lonely, as if something was missing from his life."

From most accounts, I think we can all conclude that what was missing in Elvis's life wasn't his brother, but that empty hole in all of us where only the Lord fits. And praise God, it also appears that Elvis was finally able to fill that missing gap.

Rock me into the Kingdom, Elvis!

So encouraging Joe,I'm doing ministry in the recovery rooms (drugs/alcohol) and meeting christians who are really struggling with these so grateful that I can share with them what God has done in my life.they think God wont forgive them.keep this ministry in prayer

Pete Cernoia


Sorry it took so long! First, I love this place! Thanks for sharing it.

Elvis! I'm going with, we'll be pounding down cheeseburgers together at the banquet table. I have been given so much Grace in my life, how can I doubt the same won't be shown everyone who calls on His name. I've set the first 3 or 4 thousand years apart in heaven just to apologize to everyone that i thought wouldn't be there. I haven't read everything on the site but I'll promise you this I'll pray for Paul and Edie (he's one of my favorite songwriters) But I'll leave you with a question; You like bounty hunters? Will the "dog" be upstairs?



OK, Pete, you forced my hand. I did something on Duane the Dog. Now there's a guy to have come and speak to a Christian Men's Group! :-)

Russ (thekingpin68)

Good article. I sent it to my friend that is a huge Elvis fan.


I think Elvis really loved the Lord, but he got caught up in the world. The world does more damage to people thananything, because the world follows the liar, and the father of lies. "And the world would be better for this,
That one man scorned and covered with scars,
Still strove with his last ounce of courage,
To reach the unreachable star." -The Impossible Dream. Elvis knew who he was and knew who God was. Like it says, Elvis knew "I'm not the King. Jesus Christ is the King. I'm just an entertainer."


i love elvis for who he was. not what he had. i think if i knew elvis. i couldive helped him . .. he would of still been here. i beleive in my heart. what a schame... he was a beautiful. person:)
elvis . say hello to my dad. for me. and my brother. i love you always and forever:) rip


I love this blog! I truly believe it as well..i mean i was reading something in my bible which said no matter what point you are at in your life its never to late for God to pull you back and bless you!...i cant wait to meet Elvis in heaven! Yes! im so excited!


Could someone more well spoken then me write a rebuttel to this:


The quote of John Lennon: "Before Elvis, there was nothing." says it all about that great artist of all times. Here I've tried to collect all notable tributes paid to Elvis Presley by peers:


I'll soon be going to Memphis to visit Graceland, and this article seems to confirm too that Elvis was a Christian.
God is allowing me to travel to Memphis to see the Graceland sites, however, I know that there is much more He has for me during this road trip.
Praying many who love Elvis' music come to know Jesus as their Savior and Messiah.

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