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Is Duane ---- "The Dog" ---- Chapman "The Bountyhunter" a Christian?

DogI had to do it.  A reader got on after reading the Elvis post and asked, "Yea, what about the Dog? The Bounty Hunter?"  Well, not exactly like that, you can go read the comment under Elvis.  So is Duane a born-again Christian? You bet! How do we know?  Because he says so, his publicist says so, the show on A & E says so. He is.

Duane the Dog has a story.  Today he goes after people to bring them to jail, but he is no stranger to jail, having been arrested 18 times himself. Duane Chapman was raised in Denver, Colorado by a father that was extremely abusive and a praying mother. His mother was a minister with the Assemblies of God that used to do Bible Studies on some of the Native American Reservations in the region.  Her prayers obviously had an effect, but not an immediate one.

Chapman, who was part of a motorcycle gang called 'The Devil's Disciples' (not exactly what his mom had in mind) ended up in a jail as an accomplice to the murder of a drug dealer and pimp.  He was sentenced to five years, served less than two years before he was paroled. His big break in life came when he caught a fugitive that owed back child support. Duane got paid $200 for the job.  He then ended up hunting down a famous fugitive.  Since then he has captured thousands. He is known for his Bounty Hunter "dogisms" like "Six men can carry you or twelve men can judge you - You Decide!" The Dog says if he is hired to find you, he will! The show on A & E has shot him into immediate celebrity. 

On May 20, 2006 the Dog married Beth Smith, his longtime companion and business partner.  Some months before Duane announced that he had decided to the right thing, the Christian thing, and marry Beth. His mom's prayers finally were answered. Tim Storey, a minister to many stars in Hollywood conducted the ceremony.  Sometime in the future, we'll do a post about the "Hollywood Bible Study" which started in the home of Dyan Cannon, (who was married to Cary Grant,) with about 12 people and has grown to hundreds meeting inside of the Hollywood studios called "God Parties." Anyway, back to The Dog...  Guests at the wedding received favors that read, "Dog & Beth Captured May 20. 2006."  The wedding episode aired on A & E in mid-August.

Newsmaker_2Hours before his wedding Duane's oldest daughter Barbara was killed in a car crash.  Concerning the crash Beth said, “Our family has faith in the Lord, and are able to overcome and find sunshine in the rain."  Their life hasn't been easy, but God is in their lives and they are moving forward.   Click here to see some wedding pictures.

It's so amazing how God works in our lives, answers prayers and draws people to Himself.



I love me some Dog! I especially enjoy how they begin their job by praying together, and how Dog really cares about these guys he picks up. He's always talking with them, urging them to get their lives right, offering a cigarette or his cell phone, & praying with them.
Dog's own words say it best ... "We're second-chance people. I was given a second chance. I know what it is to give a second chance."

joe paskewich

On September 14th Duane the Dog gets arrested for kidnapping. Read the story here:


This stems from a serial rapist he apprehended in Mexico several years ago. Since Mexico doesn't recognize bounty hunting, he is being charged with kidnapping the serial rapist. This is actually the case that sprung the Dog into fame. As usual stay in your set, stay informed and keep praying...


I really hope you are kidding about "The Dog". Unless that man repents(turns away) from his sin he will have about as much of a chance to get to Heaven as the pope. His doctrine doesnt lineup with the bible either.

joe paskewich

Hi Ed,

What is it that you don't like about the Dog? What sins are you talking about?


I look at Dog, his proclamation of love for Jesus Christ, his many statements of being a born again Christian, his prayers, and I don't see where this doesn't line up with biblical doctrine. Every day, we all struggle with "dying to self" and serving the Lord righteously and spotlessly. Every day, we also all fail. But Matthew 7:20 rings true to me regarding this man's life: "Thus, by their fruit you will recognize them".

"The Lord does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart". (1 Samuel 16:7 b)


be careful judging lest not you be judged...he who is void of sin can cast the first stone! Dog will be at the big party in the sky when its all said and done...our Lord will be the host, then we shall be joyful!!!

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