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Moms Working From Home

Working_mom_060830_nr Good Morning America did a segment today (Friday, September 15) on Moms in the Workforce. One of those sections was on moms working FROM home.  A cool thing about the segment is that it features Serena Lewis, the wife of Calvary Chapel church planter Jonathan Lewis in Greenwich, Connecticut.  The segment shows footage of Serena reading at home with the kids.  It's great segment. You can watch the Good Morning America clip by clicking here

Jonathan Lewis grew up in Connecticut and moved to Tucson, Arizona. It was there that he came to Christ after reading a Gideons Bible. He ended up in Calvary Chapel in Tuscon at the invitation of a co-worker, where he served in youth minstry and sang in a hip-hop group.  Jonathan wanted to come back home to Connecticut to tell his friends about Christ and to start a Bible Study.  Please pray for him in this work, as church planting in Connecticut can be difficult.  Bill Lamorey, who is planting a church in the West Hartford area has been blogging about his adventures in New England church planting. Visit Bill frequently by clicking here.

Pray for Jonathan and his family as they keep their hand to the plow in that needy part of Connecticut. Jonathan has some of his Bible Studies posted. Check out their church website here.

Cool stuff all the way around!


Bill LaMorey


Thanks for the link...and by the way, only JOE PASKEWICH would dub me the "Fainting Pastor"...that's funny!

joe paskewich

I'll have to change the "Fainting Pastor" soon as we move further from the Sunday when Pastor Lamorey didn't know where he was.
That's not nearly as bad as when everybody else in the congregation is wondering where the pastor is! LOL! I'll change that soon! Maybe!!


Hey, cool stuff is right- there's a link to Jered Murphy's teaching on CC West Hartford. Go Jered!

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