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Pope's Remarks Might Lead to War?

Muslims Firebomb Churches to Protest the Pope Calling Them Violent

Angry_muslimsIn response to the Pope quoting an emperor from the Middle Ages saying Mohammad was violent, Muslims violently attacked five churches on the West Bank with guns and firebombs.  Am I missing something? Doesn't this just add to fuel to the fire? Read the Pope's remarks in context here.



These guys are NUTS!! Did you see the expression of anger on the face of the guy in your fox news article link? You would of thought the pope bombed a thousand mosques. Should be interesting what comes out of this.

Jeff Eilenberger

I'm not educated enough on islam to say if the Pope's reference to the quote is accurate or not, but it seems that the outburst of violence by the muslims does nothing to disuade the public opinion of violence and their faith. Personally, I'm happy knowing The Truth, that Christ was the only one that had to die ... and He beat that death for us anyway! Peace, Jeff


Muslim's believe that Mohammad spread Islam by peaceful invitation... and it was those opposed to this invitation that brought violence between themselves and Mohammad's group after he offered conversion to.

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