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Polygamy: Today in History, September 25, 1890

Wilford_woodruffThat's a picture of Wilfred Woodruff, the fourth president of the Mormon church. He's the one that made the proclamation on September 25, 1890, that plural marriage or polygamy would no longer be allowed in the Mormon Church or be a Mormon practice. But the polygamy issue just won't go away.

Although, the Mormon church put aside polygamy, under tremendous pressure. many Mormons know that polygamy was the original practice of Mormonism ans that it is the real Mormonism. When Mormons that practice polygamy are called fundamentalist Mormons' it is a correct description. They are the ones that are building their lives on the foundational and fundamental practices of Mormonism. The Mormon church through its young history (it's not even two hundred years old) has had a policy of one prophecy or proclamation from God being over-written by another. A rather convenient doctrine.

But polygamy is back and it looks like the battle is going to rage.  HBO has a show about a polygamous family called "Big Love."  Warren Jeffs, leader of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints recently ended up on the FBI's "10 Most Wanted List"  along with the likes of Usama bin Laden. I don't think the name Jesus Christ should be the mane of his church, but this is America and you can do that if you want.   

Look for this battle to come to the forefront as we as a culture of dialog and individualism become increasingly confused about how to think about issues like marriage. 

When I do pre-marital counseling with couples moving towards marriage I asked them this question, "Who invented marriage anyway?"  You be surprised the number of people that have never even asked the question. The answer of course is that God created marriage.  If you want to know how marriage works, we'll have to ask him in the pages the scripture.  As Francis Schaeffer was fond of saying, "He is there and He is not Silent."


Joe C

Coming up in the Mormon Church during the 60’s – 70’s we were taught in Sunday school that polygamy was used out of a necessity to provide for families who were left fatherless. These families lost their fathers from either direct persecutions (killings) or through natural causes due to the physical hardships of moving repeatedly to avoid persecution.
As we progressed in age it was later taught that polygamy was directed by God in order to attain full exaltation “1843 revelation”. Of course this was rescinded in the great “Manifesto” of 1890 in which the church stopped the practice along with making a commitment to refrain from entering the political arena. This allowed the passage of Utah statehood in 1896. Although today’s political landscape seems to be dotted with some very prominent Mormon figures so adherence to this must be optional now.
Even though polygamy isn’t practiced in mainstream Mormonism it is still believed that it will be in the Celestial Kingdom.
Satan’s greatest tool is deciet and boy was my family and I ever decieved. Fortunaley I drifted away from Mormonism once I hit my teens though my path to the true Jesus took another 25 years. Prasie the Lord he never gave up on me nor fosake me and truly had a hand in my life even before I came to know him as my Savior.

joe paskewich

Wow! I've got to hear more of your story on how God brought you out of Mormonisn and to himself. Wow!

Jim Thio

Why not let the women decide? What about if some wome prefer to share one alpha male than being the only one for a loser?

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