Muslims Firebomb Churches to Protest the Pope Calling Them Violent
Does God Want You Rich?



When are we gonna realize that this is the truth about Islam? People of muslim nations are bound by fear, and this goes hand in hand with their rage. We need to pray for them and spread Jesus' love to as many of these people as we can... On a side note: the Pope apologized?!?! hmmm - how does that fit with the whole infallible thing?

Jeff Eilenberger

Haven't they already declared a jihad on all infidel's anyway? After speaking with muslims you will find out that that the only way that they can guarantee their place in paradise is to die a martyr in a jihad; otherwise it's all through hoping that they have performed enough works. Our job as Christians is to tell them the truth about The Gospel, and that through His love and grace true paradise awaits us ... continue to pray for muslims to know the Truth. Peace, Jeff

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