September 11th Stories of Faith, Hope & Love: "I'll Go! How Al Serino Ended up at Ground Zero"
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September 11th Stories of Faith, Hope and Love: "Let the Healing Begin"

13weeks_09_godlovesny_1In lower Manhattan people standing in the street crying had become a common sight….

I walked out through the gated exit of the “pile” past police and security personal with a filthy yellow raincoat, hardhat and goggles onto Church Street where makeshift memorials were in abundance. Thousands of people from all over the world were drawn to Ground Zero to gather there.  An older, dignified couple immediately caught my eye.  “You been in there?” they asked, looking over my shoulder into Ground Zero.  I noticed he had a shirt on that said “Alabama” and asked him if that was he was from there.  “Yes sir we are.” I asked if they had come to New York to stand with the city and feel what she was feeling and he replied, “Yes sir that’s right.” I didn't know what to say to them. I told them “Thanks for coming to New York, the city appreciates it.”  They started crying and it was too much. As I walked away I started crying too. In fact I’m crying as I write about it.


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