Persecution in the 21st Century
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Christian Persecution in Pakistan

Pakistan_matyr_2_1 Radical Muslims cut off Mohan Shahzad’s arm with an axe after he refused to stop selling Christian literature.  Even so, he says he will continue to build the Lord’s Kingdom, even if his persecutors cut off his other arm.

Pray Mohan’s brave testimony will demonstrate the strength that comes from a relationship with the Lord.
For more information on the persecuted church visit:

Open Doors

Voice of the Martyrs

Safe Harbor International



God bless him! Imagine, here in America you could lose your life over a Playstation. What is wrong with us? I'd rather die for Jesus.


Will keep Mohan and the other Christians in prayer.I checked out the Open Doors>site and, read the story about Rebekka ,Ratna and,Eti.God's Beauty Shines!!

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