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Angelina Jolie as the Virgin Mary?

Saint_angela_jolie_1 Angelina Jolie as a saint?  As the Virgin Mary?  Yikes!  That's taking celebrity worship and celebrity charity to a new height. I guess that's supposed to be the point of a painting by Kate Krentz hanging in a Florida Gallery that is making quite a stir. She says it is to draw attention to celebrity worship. I don't exactly get it, but I do know it's not good to worship celebrities.

Right now Angelina Jolie is coming out publicly against Madonna's very public adoption of a little boy from Malawi calling it "illegal."

I recently saw an interview with Angelina Jolie about her adoptions, her work as a United Nations Ambassador of Goodwill (she pays for all trips) and her work in poverty stricken countries. She seemed sincere enough and motherhood is definitely changing her (it has a way of doing that!) But as a saint?!? As the Virgin Mary?  Yikes!  Of course she didn't paint the picture of herself, but it sure does show that we have lost our spiritual footing.

Her work with orphans is definitely admirable.  There is an increasing population of them, especially on the continent of Africa.

You can get involved in supporting orphans through a number of great organizations, including our own ministry "Willing Hearts, Helping Hands" where 100% off all support goes directly to the orphans.  Compassion International is also a great ministry.



I went to Kate Krentz website. Oh my, she's a bit... misguided...to say the least. I'm all for adoption but Angelina seems to add children to her life as if they were a doll collection...


People will intrinsicly worship anything. In the absense of the true and living God they will sometimes turn that worship to the latest celebrites. This happens not just in the secular relm, but also sometimes in the church. People will regard the good works of someone as a type of spiritual footing. But one can have a spiritual footing and still not be righteous. Only Jesus can provide righteousness.

Angelina Jolie Gossips

LOL Angelina Jolie is Great, go all the way :)

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