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More amazing than how off she is, is the fact that people will put hope in her. If only they would put their trust in God.


I guess the reason people listen to her is that they want hope and they want answers to the big questions, like "What happens when we die?" Jesus offers it all! It's free & He is always right!


The thing that makes me cringe the most is that Sylvia Browne, along with other self-appointed psychics like James Van Praagh (Talking to Heaven)are claiming that their "gifts" are from God, with Sylvia Browne even proclaiming that she is a Christian. It may seem easy for us to dismiss them as kooks (or worse, for if they really are chatting with spirits, we know those spirits are not of God), but apparently millions of others are not so quick to dismiss them.

And it is no wonder that so much of the world can not distinguish what is a true prophecy and what is wishful thinking or mumbo-jumbo when we have people like Pat Robertson in our "own" camp spouting all kinds of nonsense and gobbledy-gook out of his own mouth, all in the name of Jesus. No wonder people are confused. (I'm sure I just opened up a whole new can of worms there.)

People are longing to hear from God, but on their own terms, and not on His. We have His Word, His personal love letter and user's manual to us. He does speak through it (quite directly and bluntly, I might add!). We have prayer, which is an ongoing dialogue with God. Instead of using what God has given us to be in communion with Him, we instead want quick, direct answers -- on our own terms, of course. It's evident as more and more fad religions pop up, courses to get to God easily ('Conversations with God' comes to mind), and psychics who seem to have a direct line to God's voice -- in essence playing mediator between others and the Father.

But we know who the true Mediator is. His name is Jesus Christ.

A Week In The Life of A Redhead

I found your blog after wondering how much she is incorrect. HayHouse radio online carries her show and something about her responses on the show disturb me ... I just can't explain why. I usually put in some music for the hour that she is on. Did you ever get much response from this post?
Catherine, the redhead blogger

Richard H. White

No person can talk to dead people. That is not true. No one can come back from the dead to converse with the living. I guess if you are a heavy drinker one can do this but that is their imagination.


Is there a book published that disputes Sylvia Browne?
(of course, the Bible, but, my dad won't read the Bible yet and needs to see how terrible Sylvia is.

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I know some people are kooks and I've never heard of her till tonight. For some reason she is on Love Line with Dr.Drew of all things. How odd. Adam Corolla to this lady.

But what ever, what I really want to say is she may be pushing way to hard on the fact that she is a psych. But I heard her mention tonight on love line about forseeing the future by being intutive or clearvoiant (sorry I have terrible spelling) but I never have practiced anything of the occult asked for this. But since I was a child at the age of 5. I can see short bursts of the future. I won't go around and say I can predict the future or talk to the dead. But I have seen some crazy things. And when I'm overly emotional these come very often.

So I don't think you can dis ban the belief that there are no such thing as a psych people. But to actually see the future when you don't ask for it and then it happens. It gets pretty weird.

I actually stumbled across this looking for her book called passing the torch

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