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I've never been big on putting labels on holidays (ie: secular, pagan, Christian), but I will say this: anything, including a day in the middle of an otherwise cold and gloomy February, that can prompt my heart to be a little more loving, a little more conscientious, a little more giving, a little more appreciative -- I'm all for it!

u fkin idiot valentines day is not a christian festival...get ur facts straite before u start writing stuff on the net...its a pagen festival


It is interesting that the concept of martyrdom not only includes those who have been put to physical death, but also those who lay down their personal lives to the extent that their sole purpose is to further a cause; such as leading people in love to Christ. They die to the flesh so that Christ may live in them, regardless of suffering or persecution. In that sense, to be a Christian is to take on a martyr’s mantle. For us to live is Christ and to die is gain.

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