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Joe, thanks for reminding us that the world will know us by our love, and that the fruit of the Holy Spirit will reflect Jesus in all we do, all we say and how we treat others. I was thinking recently of how the world thinks of Christians these days...A poll was taken recently (according to CNN, I think) and most Americans think Christians are harsh, judgemental, hypocritical. Let it not be true for those of us who call ourselves His.


So Joe, where should we begin practicing civility and respect for authority. May I suggest the home! Children and wives respecting the authority God granted to their father and husband. Men respecting the authority of Jesus as a servant leader and follwoing His example by being a servant of their wife and children. Treating eachother with a tender heart. Hey, aren't these a few of the attributes of LOVE!

elaine b

a few years back I was watching one of the late shows the host began verbally bashing our President .I remember being totally shocked.its been down hill since! I believe it starts with oneself and its to be practice in all our affairs.Colossians3:12-17 Thank You Jesus!

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