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You're absolutely right, Joe. People have been trying to disprove the Resurrection since it happened. They can't. Let's pray they (and all others) find Jesus while trying to disprove Him. That's how Josh McDowell, Lee Strobel, C.S. Lewis and countless others discovered that Jesus is exactly who He said He is -- yesterday, today, and forever.

Tom the Bomb

Dude, this article rocks!

Wade Newer

Joe quotes …."But skeptics, in general, would like to see something that pokes holes into the story that so many people hold dear."
More now than ever before! But more to the point, the prince of the power of the air would like to poke holes in every Christian’s faith and hope to nullify the effectiveness of the body of Christ. It seems as though the attacks to destroy individual faith continue to increase with frenzy. So now more then ever let us press close to our Lord and brethren with encouragement and tender heartedness. Remember, “Love hopes all things!”


Thank you for putting this post together, Joe. If Jesus is dead, how can He be so alive in my heart? How does He guide me, heal me, restore me? I've got my picture of me standing in the doorway of that empty tomb hanging here on my livingroom wall. HE IS RISEN INDEED!

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