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Should We Teach the Bible in Public Schools?

Time_teach_the_bible_cover_3 Yes! According to the editorial staff at Time Magazine. Well, of course they aren't the only ones that  advocate teaching the Bible in public schools, but it's a strong stand for a news weekly.

They also spend some time discussing the idea that the Bible 'needs' to be taught in public school forwarded by Boston University professor Stephen Prothero, the author of "Religious Literacy."  Prothero argues that studying the Bible in public schools "is essential to be a full fledged, well rounded citizen" in the United States.

Here are a few quotes and reasons why the Bible should be taught in the public schools:

* "It is the bedrock of Western Civilization."

* It is constitutional as long as we don't preach it."

* The Bible so pervades western culture, that it is hard to call anyone educated who hasn't at least given thought to its key passages."

* According to Religious Literacy (the book previously quoted) polls show that nearly two-thirds of Americans believe the Bible holds the answers to 'all or most of life's basic questions.'"

* "Simply put, the Bible is the most influential book ever written."

* "Not only is the Bible the best selling book of all time, it is the best-selling book of the year every year."

* The article makes the point that it is more important to study the Bible than to study Shakespeare, since Shakespeare alludes to scripture over 1,300 times. How can you understand Shakespeare if you don't know the Bible?

* Martin Luther King's "I Have Dream" speech (which you can listen to in full on this blog) was consciously enlisting the Old Testament prophet Amos.

* The Bible provided the underpinnings of the women's rights and prison reform movements in America.

Hundreds of school systems across the nation are beginning to teach the Bible in public high schools.  For those that have created curriculum used across the country see the following links

- The Bible and It's Influence

- The National Council on Bible Curriculum in Public Schools

- "The Bible and Public Schools: A First Amendment Guide"

- As soon as I finished this post I saw this article about Texas trying to get eh Bible taught in the schools there. Check it out and do teh same in yor school system.

Call your school boards and get the Bible in your school system. Why should we be the last to jump on an increasing national trend? Besides the Bible rocks!



I read this while I waited to get my oil changed...Even though it sounds like the curriculum only contains a few books from the Bible it's a start and the Bible says "His Word will not return void, but would accomplish that which He sent it to do". So that would be great to have high schoolers reading and learning about scripture, hopefully it would wet their appetite to read the whole thing! (and want to meet the Author!!!)


"Meet the Author" of the Bible. That WOULD be fun.. probably won't see it at a book signing at Borders any time soon. Then again maybe Jesus will be here soon!


Hey, when you meet the Author, He does sign the book -- the Book of Life!


Hey, Oprah had this guy on yesterday arguing his case. I agree wholeheartedly from a literary standpoint. I read novels, classics, and plays all the time that have biblical references. If you don't know the bible, you have no idea what they mean. Even Dean Koontz has tons of biblical references in his horror novels. Not just books- how about films. And though some might deny it, the Bible is ALL OVER our country's history.
Naturally, people in Oprah's audience were opposed and insisted that if the bible were taught, then the Koran must be also (hmm. maybe it should. I don't know...)


When a person is injected with a weak strain of a certain disease, they can build up immunity to that disease. We should question the consequences of the Bible being taught weakly in public schools by people who lack spiritual insight in the Holy Scriptures. (As it is discerned spiritually and is foolishness to those who perish) Could that create immunity in our society to the true preaching of the gospel? Still, the Word of God promises that it will not return void. I would advocate that what is needed are more walking bibles in our school, people who live out the word of God. Preach the gospel, when necessary – use words.


Good points to ponder Fleshdead. If you read the TIme Mag article what sems to happen when the Bible is in the classsroom is that it gives the 'walking Bibles" an opportunity to speak as one that has been changed by the Bible - right there in the classroom. As long as there are real believers in teh classroom the conversations will be directed that way. It happened to me recently when I taught the "concepts" of teh Bible in a school setting with almost all unbelievers. It brought the believes out of teh woodwork and into teh open. Probably the first time they ever expressed thier faith openly in a classroom. I think it would be good to put the Bible back out in front of eerybody. And who knows what the Lord would do when they are reading it for homework!


I'm reminded of what Charles H. Spurgeon said:

"Defend the Bible? I would just as soon defend a lion. Just turn the Bible loose. It will defend itself."

brad wright

This is an interesting post. Thanks. It seems that all too often people assume that the constitution is about keeping the state and religion totally apart rather than the state not advocating one religion over another.




Coming back to your blog today brought this post back to my mind. One of the things I love so much about CC(and miss so much) is the line-by-line teaching of the Bible. I think one of the biggest downfalls of Christians today is that nonbelievers often know the Bible better than we do. In colleges these days, the Bible, along with other books of faith, are regularly taught and studied. That leaves many Christians unarmed when challenged about certain scriptures or inconsistencies by unbelievers. In order to have relevant dialogue with nonbelievers, we first have to have studied the Bible to be able to give a reasonable and logical response to them. "The Bible says it, I believe it, & that settles it" is no longer an acceptable answer. Sometimes "Wow, I didn't know that. Lemme check that out myself and get back to you" will keep dialogue open and force us to look more deeply into why we DO believe what we do & more effectively share our faith.

All that to say, thanks for teaching the Bible regularly. You help us all have a ready defense.


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