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"What's so Special About Jesus" Hummm...sound like a great premise for a song. Oh and speaking of songs, didn't Madonna use an image of Jesus to promote herself in the "Prayer" video and again more recently portraying herself as Jesus on a cross? Jesus should be more than just the object of our worship. He should be the example of how we worship and the center of our worship.


Today we had a little homeschool Easter party here at my house. How great to see 7 children taking turns reading from the Bible, then singing, "Lord I lift your name on high." I showed them the picture of me at the empty tomb in Israel. Yeah, Jesus rules. He really does. Looking forward to these up-coming posts.


I understand where you're coming from, fleshdead, yet we who know Jesus and believe He is who He said He is should use these opportunities like the Madonna concert images ... not to condemn but to engage in conversation about who others think Jesus is. If unbelievers think Jesus is pretty special and worthy, even worthy enough to promote their art ... what an awesome opportunity to share how much MORE He is!

How do we do that? We start by loving and listening. Heck, we might even learn a few things!

Elaine b

Right on Joyce ! I attend a 12 step morning meeting and for years you couldnt mention God or Jesus.without having someone protest.Prayer's have been answered >>now the topic seems to always be about God and, Jesus. these folks are hungry ! It's been a blessing to watch and,listen as peoples lifes are being changed. Am so grateful to our LORD JESUS


FLESHDEAD --- I'm looking forward to hearing that "What's So Special About Jesus" song? We can post it here when it's done!


yeah. I'll get to work on it this weekend.

I couldn't agree with you more. Anytime the world turns its eyes on Jesus is a great time for us to point to him. I remember that the musical "Jesus Christ Superstar was a catalyst for the Jesus Movement.

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