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It amazes me what people call "art." Cheese whiz as a new art medium?
I'll confess to making cross-shaped sugar cookies with my daughters the other day, feeling kind of creepy and irreverent all the while, but trying to brush the feeling off. I mean when you think what the cross was- an intrument of torture on which our Lord was crucified while bearing the sin of the world- and then frost it and decorate with pink sprinkles... Ew, I think we'll make tulips or something next time.
It IS wild how much attention Jesus gets. People loves HIm or hate Him, but they don't forget about Him.
And yes, it is very hard, if not impossible to have an original thought- I'm always trying:)


It's not easy being cheesy!


You're right, it isn't easy being chessy! Very creative!


That cheesey bedroom is just plain disgusting. I mean who get's to clean it up? Even if it's in an abandoned building somewhere there is this room full of cheese? rotting and stinking somewhere...? Gross

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