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wow, wow, wow! Praise God. Imagine how many angels protected him, preserving his life for this time! I remember him. When I was little, I think he even had a Saturday morning cartoon. Anyone else remember that?


I remember growing up watching him jump and wondering how he ever survived. I think so many people could only wish they had the courage to step out and do something crazy--now they followed him and did something awesome with the baptism! cool!!

I stumbled onto your blog and am enjoying checking out your posts--great thoughts!


Yes, Janet, I think I remember the cartoon based on Evel knievel's exploits. I bet he prayed a great deal while in the middle of one of his jumps. I agree that it is a "wow" event, and am looking forward to hanging out with him in heaven.

Jennifer L. Griffith

I am sooo thrilled by his RAW and REAL testimony on the "Hour of Power". Praise God!!!!!! God has the power to change hearts, change lives. He changed mine!

Kelly Ivins

Wow. Fast forward to today, November 30, 2007. Evel is now in the presence of his Savior! What a testimony!

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