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I don't know...that pic of "Billy and Stephen" is kind of out of focus-- like one of those Loch Ness monster photos. You sure it's not you in big sunglasses and a cowboy hat, Joe?
I like this post. Sort of relates to the whole "in the world, not of it," thing. Our teens ARE in the world. May as well look around at what we see and talk about it.


I almost bought that People mag just because of that article! Wel being that we are on this subject let me reveal (at the cost of being laughed at!) I often pray for Tom Cruise and I used to dream about working for him as their nanny ( it first started before he left Nicole) so I figured maybe God wanted me to pray for him......I don't know, they need somebody to pray for them why not us?


Ha! No that isn't me in the cowboy hat! It is definitely Billy Ray and Stefan in 2005. Stefan was taller than him then! It is a lousy picture, I took it. I have two of them, maybe I should try the other one... He IS nice guy, we used to watch him on Doc. His other daugther is involved in a Nashville company that sends independent Christian music to our radio station.




That's not Joe. He isn't that buff! Haha!


What?!?!? Am I supposed to put up with this on my own blog! Maybe that IS me! Can't you tell from the arms... jp


Larry Norman -the original Christian Rocker- used to wear a Rolling Stones button all the time. When asked why he said it was a prayer and a reminder to pray. Why not pray for celebrities? Jesus died for them as well. The more we pray in the general the better. What think thee?


What a coincidence I saw this article on my Yahoo homepage: "Germany has barred the makers of a movie about a plot to kill Adolf Hitler from filming at German military sites because its star Tom Cruise is a Scientologist, the Defense Ministry said on Monday." The whole article here: Very interesting they refer to Scientology as a "cult" ! At least the German authorities get it!


I'm not quite getting the connection you're making here, April. If it's to pray for Tom Cruise that his eyes be opened and meets the One True God, that makes sense. But I'm not sure where you are coming from here.

I have to admit that Germany banning moviemakers from filming because of Tom Cruise's religious affiliation scares the crap out of me. The possible implications of "What's next?" is a frightening thought. What happens if Mitt Romney gets into office and Germany cuts off all political talks and/or negotiations because of his religious affiliation? What religion is next to be banned in whatever arena for whatever reasons?

What exactly is it that Germany is "getting"? Hitler thought genocide was the answer to Judaism. For the German authorities to think that Tom Cruise isn't fit for the role or that they don't want the movie filmed period is acceptable. To bar them because of one of the actor's religious affiliations is chilling.

What's next? Who is next?

pete cernoia

I love this blog! The dead give away that it's not Joe in the photo isn't the arms or the hat, it's the sunglasses!

'scuse me while I kiss the sky,


celebrity oops

Please don't learn from that free of mind girls.

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