"It's hard to get into Hollywood and it's even harder to get out"
RACE: The Power of an Illusion


Diane Sousa

very powerful!
When i first saw the Passion, i was deeply moved by the very scenes in this video, of Mary and her reactions to seeing her Son crucified. Having Paisley and Evans sing to this video is amazing. thanks for sharing it!

Diane I too was moved I cried and, just did again...It made me think of Rizpah's 2Samuel 21:10 , peace Elaine


I am 14. This video has helped me understand why Jesus did what he did. I am now going through the processes of letting Him into my heart. I will never forget this Video. I was deeply moved also. It has been a really hard time. I cried when I saw this Video. I cant stop watching it. I cry every time I see it. I am listening to it now as I sit here and type this. God Bless you all.


Breanna, praise the Lord that this video had such an effect on you and your life! Angels in heaven are REJOICING over the decision you've made to accept Christ as your Savior! I too am rejoicing and praising the Lord! It is my deepest prayer that you will allow the Holy Spirit complete access to your life so that you may bloom and grow in your relationship wiht Christ. He loves you and I will be praying for you!

May our Lord and Savior bless Brad and Sara for their beautiful presentation of Christs love!

In God's grip and grace rejoicing in Breanna salvation, and Brad and Sara's awesome ministry of love through music, Della

Dennis Lee

I have watched The Passion of Christ almost two dozen times. Every time, I got some new revelation about what God is doing. There is no shortcut for that, but,this was good to put it to music and extract hard hitting scenes. It is an abreviated trip into the heart of what our Lord has done for all of us. Now we can share the core of the message and capture the passion in a way that more people can handle it without their having to experience the full measure of the movie!

Lynne Hasuly

The tears were in my eyes as I listened to this song. The beauty in this wove a garment of praise around my spirit...wonderful post, Joe.

Lynne Hasuly

Lynne Hasuly

I, too, had tears in my eyes as I listened to this. How many times have I watched and listened to this? More than a few, I can assure you. My spirit was wrapped in a garment of praise as I thought about the measure of love that Jesus showed towards us in His sacrifice. Thanks for this beautiful post, Joe.

Joy to you,


what do you look like you suck

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