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Church Volunteer Takes Down Shooter

Jeanne_assam_2 Jeanne Assam said, "It seemed like it was me, the gunman, and God."  Assam, who has some law enforcement experience and a weapon of her own, had been fasting that day and felt a need to be vigilant about more security at the church that day. She was a volunteer on their security team. 

She a said, "I give the credit to God. And I say that very humbly. God was with me and the whole time I was behind cover -- this has got to be God, because of the firepower that he had vs. what I had.I did not run away and I didn't think for a minute to run away, I just knew that I was given the assignment to end this before it got too much worse. I just prayed for the Holy Spirit to guide me." Watch a video of her telling her story here.

Matthew Murray, the shooter had a high powered rifle, one thousand rounds of ammunition and smoke bombs when he entered New Life Church. Earlier that day he shoot and killed two leaders at Youth with a Mission (YWAM) outside of Denver. Murray, a few years ago had been part of YWAM and had written threatening letters to them.

Here are some articles of interest:

* John Umland, one of the elders at our church muses on security carrying weapons to church here

* For the press report from Youth with a Mission in Denver, as well as pictures of the victims click here

* To read the press release from New Life Church in Colorado Springs click here

* From the Denver Post "Killer Motivated by Revenge"  It is said that he hated Christians.

* Gunman sent hate mail to Youth with a Mission from Rocky Mountain News

* WorldNet Daily advocates shooting back

* Security Guard Prayed for Divine Guidance Before Shooting Gunman

* Matthew Murray posted violent threats towards Christians to a website between the killings at the Youth with a Mission base and New Life Church

* Christianity Today article on security at mega-churches

* AP Article on US churches that provide security armed and unarmed

* Here's Odegard's blogpost, "Defending the Church Against Maniacs, Crooks and Others"

* Church Shooter Made Internet Threats Against Christians

* Why Your Church Needs Armed Security a post from Steve Sjogren

* Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition Cal Thomas column


john umland

thanks Joe for the link to the main page but the specific post on packing heat to church is here

God is good

Kelly Ivins

What an amazing woman! Our God is an awesome God. He gave Jeanne Assam the foresight to be diligent in her duties and the bravery to forge ahead in the face of terror. It was only thru the Holy Spirit that she was able to stay completely calm and carry out what she knew she had to do. What an amazing testimony she is sharing with the rest of the world. It just shows so clearly that each of us is placed by God in exactly the place He wants us to be at this moment in time - and if we would only be obedient and listen that He will do awesome things thru us. Sometimes that may mean just sharing a comforting word with someone in line at the grocery store. Sometimes its much bigger than that. But at all times, if we are willing, God will use us.


Thanks for the links, Joe. I had read John's post and agree with his summery. I think the newscoverage has actually been pretty good and positive.
The pictures of those beautiful YWAM workers just break my heart. But they are Home now. I'm praying God will do His thing and bring roses from the ashes...working in ways we can't imagine to throw Satan's destructive attemps in his face and bring eternal good from tragedy.

 Bill Hinckley

Violence has become so prevalent in our society, nowadays Police departments are training to confront the shooters immediately as we see in this situation. Had this guard done any differently the death total would have been far worse. I am understanding more why God has called us to raise up an army of Police Chaplains who will confront the works of the enemy and immediately bring the love of Christ to where the need is. pray for Jeanne Assam she may be called a Hero and rightfully so but she has to deal with emotionally taking another life.


With the frequency of acts like these is there any doubt we are in the last days? Attacks on schools, shopping malls,churches and other "soft targets" have become common. With at least four of these types of shootings occurring since September, it's clear that there is something spiritual and sinister behind this. Assam was prepared and in position to be used by God in the middle of a terrible situation. She was obediant and brave. I think as believers we should now have a mind set like Nehemiah and as his ememies were plotting to attack Jerusalem and create confusion he said "Nevertheless we made our prayer to our God and because of them we set our watch against them day and night." (Nehemiah 4:9)


The whole discussion of how to respond to these situations is interesting. Should elders and deacons pack heat and stop shooters and intruders? Is this persecution or plain madness? Most would say that persecution is "official" that is it is sanctioned by the governemnt. There's a pretty good chance that 'firing back' or 'protecting yourself'
from any legitimate government authority is going to get you in to hot water, but what about protecting your children from random shootings. I'm going to post sometime soon on Col David Grossman, the author of the book "On Killing."


Well, lots of schools have officers patrolling the halls and medal detectors inside the doors...
I certainly think our kids should be safer at church than they are at school.
It's a tough question though; the Bible says we should be gentle as lambs and sly and foxes (or something like that,) but also that we should trust God, and "turn the other cheek." But does turning the other cheek mean leaving evil unchecked...not protecting those under attack? I don't think so.
You know I think I felt safer in Israel than I do in America these days! I think it was all of those armed military people everywhere, greeting me at the hotel door with a "shalmom," a smile, and a big gun. But then Israel is placing its hope in it's military strength; we need to place our ultimate hope in God and His protection.
Anyway, I'll pray for the church leaders of America as they wrestle with this issue.

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