Church Volunteer Takes Down Shooter
How Jesus Saved the Marriage of Alan and Denise Jackson

The Life of My Friend Rick Hathaway

Dick_and_debbie_hathawayRick Hathaway is my friend. He was my pastor and we've worked together on the same church team.

Rick has written a book on the legacy of faith that came from his father. He has put samples of his book on his website  Go and check it out. Once you read the first section you'll be hooked!

For those of you that have attended Calvary Chapel of Southeastern Connecticut, see if you recognize the building in the wedding picture.


Tom the Bomb

So this guy is a Tate Author too? How cool is that!

JoAnn Harper


I remember how the building was in the old days! It's so cool to see the progress and growth of our church over these past 23 years. God has been so good to us, and we are blessed to be partners with you and the wonderful brothers and sisters at Calvary!

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