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David Carson

That's so great!

God is so amazing. He can come into any situation that seems hopeless, loveless, and heartless, and godless and turn it around for good.

I recently met a man who told me his story. He got a divorce from his wife, didnt see her for a few years, they both found the Lord seperatly, and remarried when they felt called back to each other. And now their love and their marriage is 100x times what it initially was. Thats God right there.

In my limited lifetime expierence, only being 21, I know that love is more than fuzzy feelings. It's a commitment. It's as much a contract with God as it is your spouse. In this day and age, we sometimes like to forget the "better or WORSE" part. But the amazing thing is, if we put our faith in Jesus, he can make the worst better!



every family has trouble, every heart has pain, right? But...Jesus.

Leslie Scott

This restored marriage is proof that God still does miracles. More amazing, is that they are willing to share their story. To be transparent together about their trials in today's world takes courage. May God continue to bless them and those around them.


who did he have an affair with, is she well known?
when was this?


Hey! Are you stealing my blogs?? Hehe :)


Oh! I was going to add "Great minds think alike", but we're both from the same family. How'd either one of us get a "great mind"? ;)


Joyce, O My I must have missed your July post.. I saw a clip on Fox Internet where they interviewed Denise. I thought I was on the cutting edge of teh news - and besides I had to get something up on my lagging blog- so... I guess it's actually old news, but it's good news and a great ongoing story...

Lynne Hasuly

It is a good story; regardless of when it was first reported. What an encouragement this story is!

Thanks, Joe...

Lynne Hasuly


No one truly knows how real God is and how good he is until they come to terms of who he is and who they are.He does make himself known if you truly seek and pray with all your heart.He will open your eyes through clouds of despair and find in your heart he truly does care. The choice to reject or accept God's ways will truly affect the out come of our own personal story called life.For life he made, choice he gave.Truly life, It's all about Him. Denise's story is worth the read,it truly touched my heart and soul.

Divorce is expensive! And who needs extra expenses these days?! Learning how to patch up a relationship is so important.


Are they still together? And where are they living?

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