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Joe C

Wow!! what an amazing life lived for the Lord!! (rambled through his web site )


Aw, I wish I could have been at Calvary then. God hadn't transplanted me yet though. This is lovely and gives such hope. It's funny. Everytime another brother or sister goes home, I start thinking about all the other people I know who are already there. The longer you live, the longer the list gets. And one day, we'll all be there. The music will be amazing, I'm sure. And perfect love. And unity. Gotta go find the Kleenex. Thanks Joe.


I was blessed in 1985. I actually had dinner with Larry Norman in a little place called the King's Place in Reynoldsburg,Ohio. I knew this family that left the Catholic church to follow through with a vision from the Lord. He showed them a building where people were praising God all the time. So they bought a building and opened it up to any Christian artist to come and play every Saturday night. No cover charge only a love offering. Before all the concerts, all the volunteers and the group that was playing sat down to a family style dinner and prayer. I was a conservative methodist girl sitting across from this man with really long hair and crazy blue eyes, wondering what he was going to do for all the people coming that night. When he sang,"You gotta watch what you're doin'", God spoke in that place. I will always be thankful for God saving a place for me at that table. Larry was amazing, and yes heaven looks better everyday because of the people that go before us! Thank you Larry for your obedience to the Kingdom of God, my life was impacted by you.


Hey, was that the time Larry said (after your message) "Nice job, Pastor, but you got it all wrong!"? Hahaha.

Joshua Collins

We'd like to welcome all fans of Larry Norman to join us at It's probably the best Larry Norman web site out there!

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