Governor John Rowland's Audio Testimony @ Calvary Chapel
A Song from Acoustijah in Israel



Wow. What an inspiring message! It's evident that Jesus has completely transformed this guy's life.

There will always be naysayers. But John Rowland gave a message of hope in Jesus Christ that needed to be heard by many. VERY SMART MOVE getting this man to share about the saving grace of God, paid for us in full by the ransom of Jesus' life for ours ... and the new life He's given us through His glorious resurrection. A beautiful Easter message indeed!

Well done!


I am so blessed by this past Easter Sunday. As I sat on the risers, John Rowland arrived through the side door. He came in alone, calm and at peace. I was immediately overcome in my spirit with joy and hope. The Hope of our Risen Lord. I wanted to get up and tell him how glad I was to see him, but that would have been disruptive to the service!! So I wrote him later in an email and told him how much I appreciated him coming and that I would be praying for him and his family from this day forth as God brought him to my heart. To my surprise, he wrote me back and told me that he was thankful for the encouragement and that he was praying for me that day as he read my email. I thought wow, God is so cool, the former Governor of CT, who happened to go to prison, is praying for me today! God is so cool and only He could come up with all this. I for one am thankful that He always accepts us just the way we are.. I could relate to John Rowland's heart, who am I that I am allowed even a glimpse of Him and His glory, and He gives me so much more than a glimpse. We are called to invest in each other's lives, no matter the risk..He did it or us, and He knew in advance who would volunteer to go to Hell. Praise God He came anyway!


Hey, are you going to post the editorial you wrote that was posted in The Day paper? I was looking forward to having a dialogue about it (and I also failed to copy and save it for myself thinking it was going to show up here).

Love the "The Multi-Site Church Revolution". I bought it last year and it's good stuff. Our church is expanding to a new campus about 20 miles away this fall and it's exciting to see how successful and far-reaching multi-site churches can be.

And hey, if anyone wants to wander over to my blog and share and dialogue about our individual and collective journeys, I'd love to have your company! (You can just click on my name and come on over or click on Re-Joyce over in Joe's right hand column. By the way, for those that don't know, I'm Joe's baby sister and it was Joe who introduced me to Jesus over 30 years ago! You'll recognize the family resemblance (and the gigantic nose!)when you see my picture. Haha!)


Hmmm... seems like it's about time for a new Joe-post. What will it be about??? I wonder...

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