Easter Comes Early This Year
Governor John Rowland's Audio Testimony @ Calvary Chapel

Ryan Griggs on the Easter Service Program

RyanRyan Griggs, who has been in England working on bringing the Gospel into schools will return to be with us for our Easter service. On his way here on Thursday, he missed his connection in Paris, as there was a airport workers strike going on. Delta Airlines put him up in a hotel for the night and picked him up in the morning (Friday) so hopefully he will be here Friday afternoon. Keep praying! He will be part of the worship team for a song, as well as performing one of his own songs. Be sure to pray for friends, family and workers and bring them to the Easter service to hear a clear presentation of the Gospel. The Life, the death and the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  We'll have plenty of free literature for those who are seeking to know Jesus. We again have copies of the "The Case for Easter" for those seeking to understand what the resurrection of Jesus Christ means. Pray and bring a friend!



Ryan was great this morning. Everything was great. I wanted to stay and worship all day. And how cool was that dancing???!!! Joe, I have a theory. You ready? Here it is: "everybody WANTS to dance." What do you think? Someday we'll all be dancing. Happy Easter.

Lynne Hasuly

Can you imagine the praise jams that we will be having in heaven? I can't seem to wrap my mind around the concept. Instead, I will focus on "getting my praise on" while still in my earth suit:). The Easter Service was, indeed, full of wonder and joy. The Lord brought folks into the kingdom today and renewed those of us who are already loving Jesus.

Cup o'joy
and a fresh taste of the bread of heaven...


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